Pay Per Click

PPC has a variety of tools, click to call, display, and traditional ads.

Pay Per Click

PPC is an acronym for pay-per-click. Pay-per-click is a component of internet marketing in which advertisers pay for a higher placement in a search. The purpose of PPC is to ensure an increase in traffic to a site. The expectation is that interested searches will spend some time on the site and become interested in purchasing. It has been found to increase click-the-rates (the action of clicking on pages other than the landing page) and represents an excellent return on investment (ROI) for businesses that operate in a small niche.

Advertisers make ad bids on specific keywords in specific regions and times of day. They usually delegate a monthly budget and only pay when their ads are clicked on.

Software Marketing Experts has a team of PPC experts that can craft effective ad copy and fine the right keyword niches to drive exposure and Click-Through-Rates (CTR). We ensure that your site is maximizing return on investment, increasing leads, and driving brand awareness.

Our Approach

PPC Campaigns

PPC campaigns take a number of different forms, all utilizing the powerful and free software Google AdWords. Every component of a search query can be selected, from type of device to time of day.

AdWords is the Software of Choice

Our PPC experts will develop highly complex AdWords campaigns that target new audiences based on keyword searches and other social factors like geographical location.

Display Advertisement Is Also Effective

Display advertising is a form of PPC in which your ads will be displayed in the browsers of people who have already searched for something similar to what you are selling.

Brief process of our pay per click campaign:

Our pay-per-click (PPC) management service includes the following components:


  • PPC search campaign strategy
  • Keyword research and selection
  • Ad creative development
  • Campaign set-up
  • Bid management and ROI tracking
  • Landing page optimization and development
  • Campaign management and analysis

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